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Mushrooms High In Carbs List

Jew's Ear (Pepeao), dried
81.03 g
Shiitake Mushrooms, dried
75.37 g
Cloud ears, dried
73.01 g
Shiitake Mushrooms, cooked
14.39 g
Enoki Mushrooms
7.81 g
Maitake Mushrooms
6.97 g
Chanterelle Mushrooms
6.86 g
Shiitake Mushrooms
6.79 g
Jew's Ear (Pepeao)
6.75 g
Yeast, dried
6.3 g
Oyster Mushrooms
6.09 g
White Mushrooms, cooked
5.29 g
Morel Mushrooms
5.1 g
White Mushrooms, canned
5.09 g
4.9 g
Straw Mushrooms, canned
4.64 g
Brown Mushrooms
4.3 g
Brown Mushrooms, exposed to ultraviolet light
4.3 g
White Mushrooms
3.26 g
White Mushrooms, exposed to ultraviolet light
3.26 g